The Feminine Face of Made in Italy

inArteDonna is born from the need to bring together, in a single portal, the handcrafted work and all-Italian creativity of women who are passionate about and devoted to meticulous craftsmanship. Women who, in their studios, see their dreams take shape until they become true authentic works of art.

It is wonderful to see how the passion which nurtures these craftswomen is stronger than reason, particularly in today’s difficult times, which would suggest shutting up shop and seeking a “real job”. inArteDonna wants to reward such perseverance by providing these precious creations with a worldwide showcase and raising the prestige of Made in Italy.

In the “SHOWCASE” section you will find different craftswomen selected on the basis of the reliability and quality of their work. Enter their pages and let yourself be captivated by their handmade products. Visit their e-commerce sites and purchase or commission an original and prestigious “Made in Italy” creation.


“A handmade item always
has a story to tell, a hidden soul which makes it precious and unique.”